Why Smartgrowth?


The purported place where social justice meets economic growth is the result of  the placement of people near public transportation according to Smartgrowth Guidelines For Sustainable Design and Development (excerpt to right)

By the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s standards, the social equity aspect of Sustainable Development is linked to providing affordable housing opportunities along transit corridors, thus also lessening the costs of living for low and moderate income persons.  Despite soaring budget deficits, the state of Connecticut has ramped up spending for these projects by 160% this year.  This appears to be a massive expansion of social equity aka social justice, socialism by way of entitlement expenditures fueled by a massive scale restructuring by way of urban renewal planning using new urbanism policies.  These land use policies seem to be transforming suburban towns into urban centers whether taxpayers like it or not.  Driven by state and federal economic development grant requirements,  local public-private partnerships and progressive planners, these radical transformations are becoming a reality across the State of Connecticut.


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