The Sustainable Development Knowledge Corridor

Your town’s downtown redevelopment is probably being planned by a regional agency if it happens to be located along a transit corridor.  Would you like a glimpse at what planners have in store for you?  You can view the “Final Plan” for the Sustainable Development Knowledge Corridor, which is a planning collaborative from the Capitol Region Council of Governments in conjunction with the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency by clicking here.  Chances are likely that your community has been shut out of much of the decision making due to state policy.


knowledge corridor

The projects along the CTFastrak and other transit corridors in central and shoreline Connecticut are part of a larger regional  initiative called the New England Sustainable Knowledge Corridor.  You can view the housing aspect of the project by clicking here.

Excerpted from the site is the following:
Issues and Trends, Wealth Imbalances
“Regional imbalances of areas of concentrated poverty and areas of concentrated wealth lead to widening housing inequities. Housing policies in wealthier towns tend to favor single-family home development, and fear of families with children (because taxpayer dollars fund education) upholds rationale for large-lot single-family home zoning. This can result in keeping out people with lower income-levels, even when they’d bring many assets to these areas.”


“Home Rule Mentality :  The “home rule” system of government allows for each community to make decisions that it finds best for the residents who live there, yet it makes it difficult to work regionally to affect change.” 


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