Central CT MPO Long-Range Transportation Plan 2015-2040

Capture1fThe State of Connecticut recently has consolidated it’s regional planning agencies.  As a result of not meeting the required deadlines for MPO reorganization to the corresponding newly formed Councils of Governments, the Central Connecticut Metropolitan Planning Organization is now tasked with providing the necessary planning functions associated with transportation projects for the region involving a number of cities including Plymouth and Bristol.  As quoted from the document:

In July, 2015, Connecticut’ MPOs will complete a full update of their LRTPs. At this time, if the MPO redesignation process is complete, each of the MPOs receiving municipalities from the Central Connecticut MPO will include these municipalities in  2015 Minor Update 6 of 212 their respective updates. Each region’s revised plans will include a full update that will incorporate the needs, priorities, and projects from the all of the MPO’s member municipalities. In the meantime, this document will serve as the long-range transportation plan for the seven municipalities of the Central Connecticut Region.”

The report prepared by the CCMPO in conjunction with the US Department of Transportation discloses that some of the information contained is still in the concept stage and there are no guarantees of federal funding.  The plan is also stated as not necessarily reflective of the State of Connecticut’s policies, that the plan is flexible and open to public opinion.  It also declares that the projects contianed are expected to be completed in the next 25 years.  I have excerpted some of the hilights in the screenshots below.
















Capture1iAlthough a timeline for the planned projects is not represented in the list of improvements, the timeline for progress for the Waterbury line expansion is represented in this image.Capture1b










In the document, “automobile dependency” is described as one of society’s ills.Capture1j Capture1cTitle VI requirements mandate that all social classes are to benefit from large scale transportation projects.  As current policy is implemented along the CTFastrak you can easily find that the demographic regions it services are strategically targeted to specific demographics.

UntitledYou can view the rest of the 2015 updated plan at the following link.

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